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one more song

Posted by vanilla on Thursday, 9 October, 2008


people outside, waiting in line,
with pockets full of change,
song titles in their mind;
but i still want to go on
listening to your song,
blinking lyrics on monitors,
feedback and microphone,
glass walls, glass corridors…


sing one more song,
i want to stay longer,
just one more song…


whichever you choose, it doesn’t matter,
every coin drop, a few minutes,
every song, another moment
of your beauty upon my senses;
‘coz the songs don’t matter,
its your charms i’m after,
moments like this comes too seldom
let the world wait, and sing one more song…


one more song,
there’s so much of you i want to see,
just one more song…


and when our pockets are empty,
our roads parted,
as i roam the streets alone,
i’ll sing one more song,
and another after that;
‘coz every song’s a minute closer
to the moment i’ll be seeing you again,
my angel…

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