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I fell in love

Posted by vanilla on Friday, 7 August, 2009

I fell in love, in a far away land,
Distance divides;
Through cables and wires, paper and boxes
My heart speaks.

I guarded, defended, dedicated
Every beat of my heart;
For her eyes alone could break the armor,
To her alone i surrender…

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The Distance

Posted by vanilla on Friday, 10 April, 2009

Distance obscures our view of things;
Things we once knew, that were once familiar, that were once so close…

Over the ocean, a place exists;
Beyond the waters, behind mountains, bounded by asphalt and concrete,
Where vehicular exhaust settles on roadside flora…

Thousands of footsteps separates me from that place;
Thousands of expensive, exhausting, unwilling footsteps took me away from that place,
Where I grew my roots upon,
Where I left my heart;
She was there.

Admiring her from a distance, through cabled pictures, wired voices,

–to be continued–

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