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golden ribbon

Posted by vanilla on Monday, 7 July, 2008

over your head,

a golden ribbon, over your head,

tie it around your hair,

be gentle, but be firm,

tuck the seams behind your ears,

don’t hide them, my dear,

tonight we’ll walk through carparks.

your pink sweater, my dear,

put on your pink sweater, my sweet,

hide your skin in public,

silk on cotton fabric,

don’t let rain fall on your skin;

look beyond the glass corridors,

tonight clouds hide the moonlight.

flip-flops for your feet,

you swapped shoes for flip-flops, i see,

we walk on coloured tiles,

on stairs and escalators,

on marbles, concrete,

beyond the glass doors

the carpark waits for you.

goodbye for now, my sweet,

the van have come to take you away, my dear,

no more golden ribbon,

flip-flops, pink sweater;

anyway, the plane will come tomorrow,

and i’ll be leaving soon;

i’ll catch some clouds for you.

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